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Access Control is a way of controlling and regulating who has access to a building, when they have access and where they have access to. An Access Control System will help to create a safer environment for your building, reduce walk-in thefts, and discourages uninvited visitors. Access control systems are a really good way of controlling exactly who is able to enter your business and who isn’t. They are also a great way of controlling what part of your business your employees have access to. Access control systems come in many different forms, from card swipe door entry systems to electronic keypads and video door entry systems. There is a lot to choose from when it comes time to invest in access control systems for your company.
Access control systems provide another level of security that regular security guards cannot provide and they are important for many different kinds of businesses, especially those that work with government contracts. As well as providing a reliable form of security, access control also offers a very good solution to simplifying the management of your business and its facility – there is no longer the need to replace lost keys or to go to the trouble of having to retrieve old keys from employees that have left the company. There are many reasons to invest in access control systems so we have prepared this short buyer’s guide that discusses the different types of access control systems. 

The different forms of access control

There are several ways that authorized personnel can access your company through access control systems so you need to choose which of them would be most appropriate for your business.

  • Keypads – the use of a keypad is a common form of access control for single door security access and systems that are less expensive. Keypads are very easy to use as all it takes is a simple 4 digit code to open the door but this inevitably makes them a little less secure than other forms of access control systems.
  • Card readers – when it comes to commercial door entry systems card readers are often the most popular type of access control systems. They are very easy to use and if a card is lost it isn’t a major worry, the card can simply be deactivated via computer. An added bonus of card readers is that they can be used as photo IDs as well for additional security.
  • Swipe cards – swipe card access systems are not as common as the other two mentioned above as it is a little more fiddly to use. Each employee has to physically swipe the card through the card reader and this can sometimes be a bit of a problem as people may swipe too quickly or too slowly so the card reader will not respond.

These are three of the more popular options when it comes to access control systems. They all provide a similar service but you may have reasons for needing to opt for a specific option.