O&C collaborates with clients to understand in detail the specification required, offering high-tech innovations and solutions where appropriate.  Each project is expertly planned and conducted, transparent throughout and subject to the highest standards for safety and regulatory requirements.

‘Go Green’ – O&C are committed to helping our clients respond to energy savings by providing quotations that replace legacy light sources with LED technology. Innovative high bay LED lighting solutions means that O&C can provide lighting solutions for manufacturing offering long service life and innovative design.  We can suggest energy saving reductions by at last 45% with a lifetime of up to 70,000 hours. With our expertise and knowledge, we will select the appropriate options for any project to ensure a relevant solution that provides assured lighting performance and a design that fits into your space while always thinking of bringing down your carbon footprint on energy and manufacturing costs. O&C can ensure all future LED upgrades and servicing required will be less time consuming with minimal disruption.


Reducing energy costs and increasing employee productivity goes hand-in-hand with an LED installation.

O&C clients benefit from enhanced productivity and well-being as well as increased energy saving and improved operational efficiency.  With integrated services and wireless control wiring to make LED lighting an ideal retrofit solution for existing buildings.

With the use of sensors and transmitters your commercial lighting system can constantly monitor lighting requirements, adjusting them to the needs of an office space.  Relevant lighting levels and colours not only create the optimum working environment, it also ensures energy saving and environmental impact is minimised.

Making the switch from CFL to LED can

  • reduce energy saving by 79%
  • Total cost of ownership typically recovered in less than two years
  • Five times longer life than traditional down lights.


O&C are aware that lighting involves closely linked elements of purchase price, running costs and maintenance, including human resource.  Our team ensures that our energy efficient LED lighting installations will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.


O&C are experts in exterior lighting for maximum impact.  Mike Collins was one of the panel of experts advising on church lighting for maximum effect during the millennium celebrations.

You can rely on our skilled team to advise on the appropriate products offering a sustainable and low cost solution to suit any requirement.


O&C have a consistent track record for working with schools to provide a high quality design and installation service to the education sector.

With education budgets being continually stretched O&C are able to help educational establishments make considerable energy saving and maintenance savings.

The choice of lighting is critical to providing the best conditions in which to learn.  We can offer reliable, expert advice on making improvements while cutting costs.



O&C have been privileged to partner Squires Garden Centres with our Planned and Reactive Maintenance services, our ‘One Stop’ services, our 24/7 call out service and with the upgrade of their internal and external floor areas and cafes with sustainable LED lighting solutions creating cost efficient energy.


O&C offer versatile solutions to floodlighting systems both simple or the more complex sports lighting applications.

While energy-efficient LED lighting and remote management systems significantly save on energy costs, most importantly they also enhance the athletic environment and minimalize light pollution for the surrounding area.


O&C can help and advice you on the best Solar lighting systems. They are an ideal way of providing light and electrical power to buildings such as sheds, workshops, summer houses, stables and any other building where installing a mains lighting system is not an option. Solar Hub kits are easy to install, require no special tools and can be operating within an hour.